Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Blood

Have you ever thought about the amazing age we live in? Just 100 years ago our world was significantly different. If you wanted to travel across the ocean, you had to take a ship, and it took you as long as a month to get to your destination, today you can fly almost anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours (if you have good connections). If you wanted to send a note to someone around the world, it took weeks to get there, now we can send an email in just seconds. Phones were connected by cords; pictures were in black and white, and the television had not yet been invented. The world has changed a lot in the last 100 years, but there is one thing that has never changed, “People need Jesus Christ.”
No matter how advanced our technology becomes, it cannot solve the problem of sin. No matter how fast our technology becomes, it cannot our run the consequences of sin. It may seem old fashion, it may seem quaint, but the answer for sin has never changed.
1 John 1:7
…the blood of Jesus, His Son, purifies us from all sin.
Eph 2:13
But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ. NIV
Just something to think about today as you send your next emails, hurry to the next big thing and talk on your cell phone. There is one thing that will never change, there is one thing that will never become obsolete, there is one thing you can put your hope in, The Blood Of Jesus Christ.
In Him
J. Tom Washburn