Friday, August 30, 2013


Recently I was visiting with my brother Mike and he gave me a thought that has stayed on my mind. Mike said we need to live with margins in our lives. Too may people live to the very edge of their lives. Our schedule's have no room in them, our budgets have no room in them, our days have no room in them. We have filled up the page of our days and our lives and we have left no margins. When we live with no margins we have no room for the people God unexpectedly puts in our path and we have no resources for the opportunities that unexpectedly arise. As I have thought about living life with margins - I have noticed that this is not how the hurried families in our community and churches live. We run from here to there and we wonder why God doesn't seem to be using us. We fall into bed each night to tired to pray or even to think on the things of God and we wonder why He seems so far away. I desire for God to be at the very center of my life but I don't even seem to have space for Him in the margins because I have filled my life up with everything else but God and the things He wants me doing. It is hard to stop - It is hard to say no to "good" things. But I know the way most of us are doing life is not the plan of God. Margins - who knew.

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